Wall Detail of  "+/-200 Collage Installation" Image of "+/- 200" Intallation opening.Wall Detail of  "+/-200 Collage Installation" Detail from "+/-200 Installation"Wall Detail of  "+/-200 Collage Installation" Detail from "+/-200 Installation"young patron looking at collages.Collage installation at Bihl HausDetail from "+/-200 Installation"Detail from "+/-200 Installation"Detail from "+/-200 Installation"Detail of  "+/-200 Collage Installation" Wall Detail of  "+/-200 Collage Installation"
"+/-200 Installation"
As part of CAM San Antonio, 2008, I had a solo installation in which I hung around 200 collages side by side. Here is the press release for the show:
June 5, 2008. Bihl Haus Arts is pleased to present the exhibition +/- 200, an installation of 200 (more or less) small collages by Marcy McChesney. McChesny’s postcard-sized collages, produced on a near-daily basis for over a year from found and recycled materials, exhibit an elegant economy of decision-making about color, form, and texture. Through this process, the artist has become fascinated by the organic, instinctual spontaneity and immediacy of creating small-format collages. The works, viewed both individually and en mass in the installation,--hung end-to-end in a continuous line, they form a belt-like separation of the gallery walls--convey the sense that beauty can be found in the most common ephemera.